Papal Bull, Pope Urban VIII

20 of the letters inserted above from our predecessor Gregory, their form being otherwise respected. We grant them the right to freely and lawfully do, say, administer, and follow up anything and everything contained in the letters already sent, and anything that is necessary or useful in any way. We grant them to have the same authority in all and for all, as if the bishop or prelate, appointed by the Archbishop and clergy of Lisbon, or by Bishop Anthony and the Collector then in office, as has been said, had been appointed by all the clergy of the said kingdom. As for the rest, it is more fully contained in the second above-mentioned letters, the content of which we have wished to be expressed herein. But, as the saidKing Philip again told us, the said archbishop and clergy had appointed our dear son Michael de Castro, inquisitor in the said kingdom against heretical depravity, deputy of the apostolic authority and archdeacon in the church of Lisbon, master of theology at the University of Coimbra, promoted to carry out what is expressed in the letters inserted above, according to what is said above. As a doubt had arisen as to the validity of his appointment, because the aforementioned archbishop and clergy had not been able to appoint a bishop or prelate to carry out this task according to the contents of our said letters, and the said Bishop Anthony and the collector, after ten days, also appointed the said Michael to the effect expressed in the above letters, and as a certain number held it doubtful that the said Bishop Anthony and the Collector could appoint the