Papal Bull, Pope Urban VIII

23 The Disaster Of The Portuguese Fleet In the year 1625, considerable reinforcements arrived to “Ruy Freire de Andrade” from “Goa” to Khor Fakkan. Ruy Freire is the name of the commander who arrived from Portugal in 1619, to command the Portuguese Fleet for fighting the English, and under his command the Portuguese fleet was defeated in 1622. Ruy Freire started the operations on the coast of Persia, especially in Khor Ibrahim between Hormuz and Jask, and also in Bander Kong, where Hormuz was blocked by a considerable squadron. However, after that appeared a navy force consisted of four Holland ships and four English ones. The reports of the battle contradicted, both sides suffered from heavy losses, where killed the commander of the Holland squadron. Both sides claimed victory; but practically the result was the defeat of Portuguese. The Portuguese first retired to Khor Fakkan, then to Muscat with many people killed and others wounded(1). And hereunder is the details of what occurred for the Portuguese fleet till their defeat, written in the Spanish account. It is a summary of a Portuguese manuscript in the National Bibliotheque of Lisbon, the translation of which is given here. 1- TheArabs of the Gulf 16-2-1784, B.J.Slot, Leidschendam, the Netherlands, 1995, pp. 107, 131.