Papal Bull, Pope Urban VIII

24 Nuno Alvares Botelho e a sua armada de alto-bordo (1624-25) Contemporary account, unedited, in theBibliotecaNacional de Lisboa published with notes in Revista de Historia, Oporto, 1928 Coleccao dos MSS da Biblioteca Publica Vol 13-6-17 ff 61-6. NEWS FROM INDIA A summary and faithful account of the vicissitudes of the fleet of the Captain General NunoAlvares Botelho during one year, from 9 December 1624 to 9 December 1625, written by a religious of the Order of St Augustine(1)who was present throughout. 9 December 1625. Captain General Nuno Alvares Botelho left Portugal for India on 25 March 1624 with his ocean-going carracks and six galleons(2) of the state, and after a successful voyage arrived in the same company at the bar of this city of Goa, the metropolis of the Eastern state, and the entire fleet anchored within it on 2 September of the same year. Everyone arrived in such good health, as they had been throughout the voyage, and the fleet’s arrival was so punctual and fortunate that no 1- It says at the end that it was written by one of the captains of the fleet. 2- The carracks were: “Chagas” (flagship), “Quietacao” (Admiral-ship), and the galleons “San Francisco”,” Sao Joao”, “Santo Antonio”, “Santiago”, “Conceicao” and “Sao Pedro”. V. Quintella- Annaes 11 pp .209-10.