Papal Bull, Pope Urban VIII

8 Pope Urban VIII Ad futuram rei memoriam. In the past, letters emanated from our predecessor Gregory XV, of happy memory, whose tenor follows: Gregory XV, Pope. Ad futuram rei memoriam. From the top of the watchtower of the Church Militant where we were placed, not on Our Merits but on His Grace, God reveals deep and hidden thoughts, and that He knows what lies in the darkness of our souls to the hidden things, if we fail to move decisively towards the depths of our souls by considering the princes and powers of darkness - against whom the holy Church is assiduously fighting - constantly watch over the ruin of the Catholic religion. And though we have hope and firm faith in the Lord, who protects his bride the holy Church under the shadow of his hands, we nevertheless believe, beyond this assurance, that it is incumbent upon us from the height of the office of apostolic servant, with all our thoughts and care, only through our farsighted ministry, Not only may the sheep of Christ, protected from the traps of the ravenous wolves in undisturbed peace, give abundantly to the Lord their fruits, but may the Word of God be spread throughout the whole earth, and may His name, with the fruitful propagation of religion, be praised and glorified throughout the whole world. We are thus urged by the wishes of Catholic kings seeking