Papal Bull, Pope Urban VIII

9 ways andmeans to suppress and dissipate the criminal audacity of the enemies of this faith, to bring the infidels themselves back from the darkness of infidelity to the knowledge of the true God, and to set the faithful free from the invasions, plunder and servitude of the infidels. We therefore willingly and rightly embrace that part of our office which relates to a duty so holy and pleasing to God, and we willingly, as far as possible, assist one another, and do, ordain and order the following, in as much as, having given due consideration to the circumstances of the facts, time and place, we have seen in the Lord that it is good and proper. Thus, our dearest son in Christ Philip, King of Portugal and theAlgarve(1), having exposed us once that by the explorations through the East Indies, undertaken for many years by the northern nations seduced by the diabolical deception of the heresies, they have become richer and more powerful by the profit made. Thus, not only have these nations weighed up a gigantic number of ships, occupied or built several forts in these lands with ports of the greatest importance, but they also plan to occupy places and forts acquired by the aforesaid Philip in these same lands. And neither the fleets nor the armies, however large, both in the Indies and in the Kingdom of Portugal, nor the immense expenditure of King Philip’s patrimony ordered for 1- “Algarve”: The region located at the extreme south of Portugal, West of Andalus, that was occupied by the Portuguese during the Spanish occupation of Andalus.