Tu r g u t 16 Port Director: He is the owner of this ship. He arrived this morning. Companion (to Port Director): Look! There are big ships entering the port. Port Director (Staring at the arriving ships, cries loudly): These are many ship! Oh, my God! It is Turgut! Turgut .. Turgut. Ship Owner (jumps off his ship, sits on the platform, stares in shock at the arriving ships, then looks at the port director, and screams): He’s coming! Turgut is coming! Oh, oh! We’re doomed! We’re finished! O, God! He’s coming. Save yourselves! I saw the cannons with my own eyes shooting balls of lava. There, I also saw a ship swallowed by the string waves of the Mediterranean. The red flames consumed it and it drowned. O, my God! He’s coming! Save yourselves! If you cannot, may God help you. Ah! Turgut. No one escapes his grasp! No one can oppose him. Port Director (trying to calm the ship owner down): Take it easy. Calm down. Turgut is not going to hurt you. Ship Owner: What is he doing here? Whey did he come? Why?