Tu r g u t 17 Port Director: He usually comes to our Island (Corsica) and stays at the port of Girolata after he has chased away the pirates and pursued European ships. He comes to rest and when times allows it, he purchases provisions for his fleet from this small port which is well-protected from both sides. We, the inhabitants of the port area, are Christians and dealth with Turgut before. He never did us any harm. (Then after a moment of silence) Port Director: Turgut is here. Let’s go meet him! A Turk walks in steadily. He is, tall, well-built with broad shoulders dressed in Turkish attire. Port Director: Praise the Lord for your safe arrival! Turgut: Thank you. May Allah be praised. Port Dirctor (asking Turgut to have a seat): Please, have a seat. Turgut sits and around him are the Port Dirctor, Port Dirctor’s companion and the ship owner. Ship Owner (addressing Turgut): It is said you are a pirate; but you do not look like one. You