Tu r g u t 23 A group member: These are Corsicans! They have come in thousands carrying their arms and axes. The Corsicans enter the stage. The Turkish group retreats. When they get to the other side of the stage, they hear more humming and voices. They go back again. A Turk (in panic): They have disembarked. I ca see them raising their arms against us. Voices: (Humming) The Corsicans from the ramparts enter the stage. The Turks are now seiged from all sides by thousands of Corsicans. The Corsican Chief (to a group of Turks): Drop your weapons! The Turkish groupd put their arms down and surrender. The Corsican Chief (to his men): Tie them with the ropes. The Corsican men tie the Turks up. The Corsican Chief: Now, cut off their ears and noses.