Tu r g u t 24 Quarelling and shouting ensue. CaptainGiannettino Doria arrives. He is a beardless youngman under twenty years of age. Giannettino Doria: Stop this nonsense! The Corsican Chief (coming forward): And who are you? Giannettino Doria: I am the Commander of the Spanish fleet. The Corsican Chief: The Commander of the Spanish fleet is Andrea Doria. Giannettino Doria: Andrea Doria is my uncle. And who are you? The Corsican Chief: I am the Chief of the Corsicans. But where is Andrea Doria? Giannettino Doria: Well, as Turgut was roaming the Mediterranean, seizing, capturing the best of the Christian ships and destroying their power wherever he went, this angered the Christian nations and after careful consideration, they decided to capture and get rid of him. In the meantime, I asked my uncle, Andrea Doria, who is