Tu r g u t 26 Doria. Andrea Doria is my uncle. He did not come with us. Turgut (stares in disbelief and shock at Giannettino Doria. Then he bursts in fury and shouts): What? I am a captive to a beardless child?! What a disaster! What a shame! Turgut’s humiliating remarks and looks anger Andrea Doria who piles obscenties at Turgut. He advances towards Turgut, fuming, and raises his hand to slap Turgut. Before he could lay his hand on Turgut, Turgut is furious and he spits on Giannettino Doria while he shouts: It does not befit a real man to humiliate a captive especially with his hands cuffed. It is an act of shame to attack a man after you’ve captured him. This spit is for such cowardly behavior that is fit only for the low and debased. Giannettino Doria pulls his sword out in fury and attacks Turgut. Turgut kicks Giannettino Doria with all his strength in his stomach and causes him to fly away and fall on his back unconscious. The Spanish chiefs and officers present attack Turgut.