Tu r g u t 25 now the Chief of the Council of Notables in Genoa, to make me the commander of the force commissioned to capture Turgut. He approved and gave me ten ship to be under my command. And I selected ten of the most experienced ship captains to be with me. Voices … soldiers making way. Turgut enters with handcuffs, eyes almost closed. He is taken to the front of the stage. Many Corsican locals together with the Spanish chiefs rush to look at Turgut. Turgut (addressing the audience): Ah! What could I have done? This has been destined! At least! my capor is a renowned Navy Commander. Turgut turns round. He inspects everyone of the stage, but fails to see the person he seems to be looking for. Turgut: Where’s Andrea Doria? Where is that old man with his grey hair? Giannettino Doria (comes forward and responds): I am Commander Giannettino