Tu r g u t 32 A noise is heard followed by sounds of footsteps approaching. Admiral Barbarossa arrives with a group of his guards. The port supervisor approaches Admiral Barbarossa saying: I am the Port Supervisor … How can I help you? Barbarossa: I am the Ottoman Admiral Hayereddin Barbarossa. (Looking right and left, he asks): Where are the town offcials? Port Supervisor: When the members of the Council of Notables saw your arrival, they left immediately for a meeting. They will shortly be here. A brief moment later, the Port Supervisor turns to the direction of the sounds of some footsteps heard approaching. A group of men appears, with one of them holding a white banner. Port Supervisor: Here you are. They have arrived. A member of the Notables Counil approaches Barbarossa and addresses him: We have met and decided to respond to all your requirements providing that you spare our city any form of destruction.