Tu r g u t 33 Another Council Member advances to address Barbarossa: We request a pledge of safety from you. All you want is yours; just spare our city and steer your cannons away from us. A third Council Member (in a subdued tone): We are prepared to fill up our ships with money and all riches you require and hand it all to you. Just let us be. Barbarossa ignores all their offers. He closes his eyes and clinches his fist, then says: I demand much more than all you are opffering; more than your coofers could hold; much more than all your wealth. And I will not leave until I get it. Otherwise, your town with your churches and homes will be destroyed over your heads. My soldiers, as you can see, are all waiting for my signal to ‘strike’. Fright and panic show clearly on the Notables Council. A Councilor (asks hesitatingly): What is it that you require that pleases you, Admiral Barbarossa?