Tu r g u t 46 There does not seem to be any way out. Commander (2): We are surrounded! Commander (3): Our fleet is stuck between the shallow waters in the south of the strait and in the north where the entrance to the starit is Andrea Doria is blocking the way with his large fleet. To the right and left, there are Djerba and mainland. Who advised Turgut to enter the Qantara port? Turgut comes out of his tent. The first commander (to his companion): here is Admiral Turgut. Admiral Turgut: Come on Commardes. Come with me to the hill to check our enemy’s fleet. They walk a little, and then Turgut stops. He addresses them: Since 1544, after my release from captivity and that Barbarossa gave me the ships with its commanders and crew, there has not been a port or a ship in theMediterranean for the past six years that I did not attack. In 1550, I freed al-Mahdiyya, Sfax,