Tu r g u t 47 Sousse andMonastīr in Tunisia from the hands of the Spanish. Mahdiyya was my base except for its castle. However, when the French seized that year, they bombed the castle. This was when Barbarossa passed away and I was appointed to succeed him as Commander of the Ottoman fleet in the Mediterranean. My blows everywhere got harder and harder. The French together with the rest of Europe felt the danger and instructed Andrea Doria to sail with all his forces to capture me dead or alive. Look over there at old Andrea’s fleet of eight military ships. Turgut stands still for a moment looking pensive while his commanders stand round him. He does not look concerned or hopeful. One of the commanders ask him: Commander (2): This looks like a terrible misfortune. O, my God! There is no doubt those infidels will capture us all. Turgut (turns to him with his eyebrows crossed and responds): Not at all. The rows of the