Tu r g u t 48 Christian ships are far too many and my hands will never touch any of them ever again. It seems that Turgut has worked a way out of this military predicament at sea. He points at the water passage on the map at the back of the stage. Turgut: Look at this water passage. I am going to teach those idiots a lesson they would never forget. Look. (In a confident voice, Turgut addresses the commanders): Come on my sons. One of you should go to the town and bring as many locals as possible over here. Another orders the cutting and gathering of tree trunks and bring them to the shallow water passage. You, start heavy shelling of Andrea Doria’s ships. When they retreat a little away from our firing range, move the cannons to the front so that he is forced by our fires to move away from the entrance of the lake. Come on. Let’s get to work. The bombardment starts while the curtains slowly close.