Tu r g u t 66 Commander General Don Juan de la Cerda: My mission was to seize Tripoli and withdraw after disemabarkation. But, if we had stayed we would have been able to counter the fortifications made by Tugurt round Tripoli. Admiral Giannandrea Doria: Even there, bad luck did not leave us. A large number of our ships ran aground at the Island and got stuck in the sand. All my attempts failed. Don Juan de la Cerda (TurningtoDonÁlvaro):Have you finished the constrction of the Castle of Djerba? Don Álvaro (hesitatingly): Almost, almost. Don Juan de la Cerda: Are you scared? Why would you be? What are you scared of? The locals of this peaceful Island? Initially, there was some resistance from the peasants and farmers. But now, as they see the mobilized troops,