The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 12 - Muhammara and the Sheikh of Bushehr, Nasser alMatroushi. The Ottomans requested 50 ships of the Omanis to transport their soldiers from the entrance of Shatt alArab on the Persian side to the south, in an attempt to get around the Persian forces. The Omanis were not met with any resistance at the entrance of Shatt al-Arab from Banu Ka‘b, or the troops of Sheikh Nasser of Bushehr. The Persians stopped advancing as Basra proved not to be an easy target. They had to regroup and put their affairs in order, as well as wait for more troops if they wanted to take over Basra.(3) On 5th April 1776, the Persians managed to besiege Basra completely forcing Sheikh Darwish, Ruler of Basra, and his sons to approach Sadiq Khan, the campaign commander, that evening to declare the surrender of Basra. In the morning, the Ruler of Basra waited for the arrival of Sadiq Khan and the brother of Karim Khan Zand, King of Persia, to officially hand over Basra to