The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 27 - city had been left unguarded and all were asleep when the attack happened. Sheikh Nasser’s men were only interested in securing the lives of the Sheikh’s men and those of their own families. The city was directly set on fire, and the residents were thrown into chaos and disturbance. The fire continued till the morning consuming almost half of the city. Sheikh Saadun bin Madhkour, deputy of Sheikh Nasser of Bushehr, remained under house arrest most of the time. This had been imposed on him by his brother, Sheikh Nasser, before he left Bushehr. He dared not cause any trouble in spite of the fact that he had two hundred men, armed with rifles, in his guard. At noon, Sheikh Saadun bin Madhkour was feeling terrified in his own house. He sent for the blind notable, Rayes Hamid, to have an agreement that all parties were to remain calm until the arrival of Rayes Baqir Khan to Bushehr. Rayes Baqir Khan was a notable of Tangestan and one of the Zaki Khan’s men who had been murdered.