The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 28 - Before such a shameful agreement could be made, two hundred Arabian men soon came to the aid of Bushehr. They killed four or five Tangestani men, whom they encountered at one of the wells where they were watering their horses. Soon after, the Tangestan group left Bushehr. On1st July, 1779, RayesBaqirKhanenteredBushehr with around 150 men and publicly announced that he was escaping Sadiq Khan’s fury. It was common knowledge that Baqir Khan had enraged Sadiq Khan before, and that he had taken over Bushehr, which was a much more important than Tangestan itself. He had also sworn that the safety of the people and their properties would be respected. He promised that would rule with higher integrity and justice and the conditions would be much better than ever before. He also ordered his men to complete the building of the city enclosure wall. On 2nd July, two Jalboat vessels sailed south as a result of confirmed intelligence that Sheikh Nasser of Bushehr had arrived in Kangan and that the envoy bringing the information had been arrested by Rayes