The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 29 - Baqir Khan’s men. The merchants and residents feared for their lives if a war was to take place between Sadiq Khan and the Tangestan gang. Rayes Baqir Khan sent for his family to come and settle in Bushehr, but they did not come. In fact, nothing happened in Bushehr until the 9th July when three envoys came from Shiraz with a decree from KingAbul-Fatħ Khan commanding Rayes Baqir Khan to return everything he might have seized from the residents, and to surrender the city to Sheikh Saadun bin Madhkour, deputy of Sheikh Nasser, and that the envoys be sent back to Shiraz, otherwise he would have to face the consequences. Rayes Baqir Khan realized that the entire country was up in arms and huge preparations were ongoing to attack him in land and sea. He also feared that the Shiraz soldiers might arrest him. As a result, he seized two boats and sailed the next day to his castle carrying what he had plundered from the Sheikhs. It was said that he carried valuables belonging to Sheikh Nasser alone to the amount of 300,000-400,000 Rupees. No other men of significance were looted.