The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 30 - On 11th July, at sunrise the people were jubilant to know that Rayes Baqir Khan had suddenly left in peace with his Tangestan men and the envoys, after some of his men had raided and looted a few shops in the local market. While in Bushehr, Rayes Baqir Khan had forced the merchants to pay the arears on their customs. Those were around 40,000-50,000 Rupees. He had also ordered the destruction and looting of all the houses belonging to the Arabs there avenging the antagonistic actions of the Arabs in Tangestan. What had happened was that as soon as the Arabs of Tangestan heard the news of the flight of Rayes Baqir Khan from Bushehr that they revolted in Ahram, the capital of Tangestan. They destroyed properties and used everything they could to vacate Tangestan of its non-Arab inhabitants. They made the case of Sheikh Nasser and Bushehr their own, and committed terrible atrocities including killing men, women and children. They were aided by 500 men from Bandar Rig and Janaveh led by their sheikhs, in addition to another group of 2,000 people.