The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 31 - On 12th July, two ships from Bandar Rig came to the aid of the residents of Bushehr, followed by another from the town of Janaveh. On 15th July, a group of Bushehr Arabs arrived to the residence of Sheikh Saadun bin Madhkour, deputy Sheikh of Bushehr, and asked him to come to the Bushehr government headquarters. When he did, they asked him to join them in their efforts to take revenge from Rayes Baqir Khan. He agreed. That evening, after leaving the rule of Bushehr to his own deputy, Sheikh Saadun joined them on their way along the coast from Bushehr to the two forts of Rayes Baqir Khan. Their 50-kilometer journey took their joined forces a day and a night. When they arrived to their destination, they imposed a siege on the two forts from the land side. On 18th July, the Ruler of Janaveh arrived to Bushehr with an envoy from Shiraz. The envoy had a letter for the Bushehr alliance with instructions from KingAbul-Fatħ that they sent Rayes Baqir Khan or his head, to Shiraz. Persian troops were sent to the Rayes Baqir Khan’s fort which was besieged by Sheikh