The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 59 - months. He was taken by a fierce surprise attack against Kerman by Mohammad Khan Qajar, who acted with indescribable brutality against the people of Kerman. Mohammad Khan Qajar ordered all the young men to be either executed or blinded. Twenty women were taken into slavery and given to the soldiers to do what they wished with them. Twenty thousand pairs of eyes were removed from their sockets, and placed in piles before him. Lotf Ali Khan Zand was injured and his attempt to escape on his horse failed. He was captured, blinded and taken to Tehran. Before the founders of the Qajar Covenant, he was executed in November 1794, being the last of the Zand kings.(5) By July 1796, Sheikh Nasser bin Nasser al-Zaabi of Bushehr had managed to be the most hateful person to all the people in Bushehr and the cities on the Persian coast. For the Sunnis, he was a Shiite enemy; for the Arabs, he was loyal to the Persians; government-wise, his custodian, Sheikh Nasser al-Matroushi, was a proZand supporter, and so was he. Initially, he sided with Lotf Ali Khan, and was one of his supporters, then,