Papal Bull, Pope Urban VIII

13 Saint John the Evangelist, and other congregations, including Canons Regular(1), the Society of Jesus, and Beggars, with the exception, however, of those who do not enjoy a firm and permanent income. Even if they were canonicates, prebends, portions and lay dignitaries in cathedrals as well as in the main metropolitan seats or colleges of major churches, they were offices, administration, services in cathedrals , even metropolitan or collegiate , of parish(2) churches, or their perpetual chapels of the vicars, perpetual chaplaincies, prestimonies, prestimonial portions, even simple ecclesiastical benefits for services, regular benefits of this type of priory, stewardship, intendant, preceptor, conventual dignitaries, priorate, administrations or offices, even conventual. Even if these were provided by election. Even if there was a soul charge attached to them in some city, diocese or other place in the kingdoms of Portugal and the Algarve. It will be levied on the conventual chapters, the other menses, no less than on the universities receiving ecclesiastical revenues. It will be levied by collectors who must, however, be ecclesiastics, deputized by our venerable brother archbishops 1- Canons Regulars: a group of people who dedicated their lives for service of their doctrine, church and method. The one of them is titled: “Canon”. They are somehow like a frier , but they live in community among people and adhere to the canon laws. 2 - Parishes: Subsidies Fund.