Papal Bull, Pope Urban VIII

14 and bishops, and our dear sons abbots, prioresses, abbesses, prioresses, chapters, congregations and colleges, convents, tutors,commendatories,andothersecularclerics, regularsofall orders, churches,monasteries, priories, preceptories, provosts, canonates, prebends, dignities, offices, administrations, services, and other secular and regular benefits of this kind, in title, commend, administration or otherwise, in order to obtain unanimity. So that anyone holding or receiving fruits, revenues, productions, rights, obventions, and emoluments for him or in lieu of an annual pension, or in lieu of an annual pension for him on such fruits, revenues, productions, rights, obviations, and emoluments, regardless of their exemption or immunity regime, similar or not by the burdens upon them, whether reserved or assigned, be required to contribute pro rata to the fair value of the churches, monasteries and other benefits upon which such pensions are reserved, constituted and assigned, whatever their status, rank, order or dignity. It will have to be paid in full by our venerable brother cardinals(1) of the Holy Roman Church, who work with us tirelessly for the universal Church, no less than by the Knights of Jerusalem, and the clergymen who have one or even more ecclesiastical benefits whose annual value does not exceed 40 gold ducats(2) of the House, and who reside personally in their or one of their profits, provided that they have not spent a year 1- Cardinal: A rank above that of the Archbishop and below the Pope’s. 2- Ducat: An ancient gold coin, popular in Europe since long times.