Papal Bull, Pope Urban VIII

15 in certain places and within certain limits, to be determined by the said present Bishop Anthony, the said collector then in office, and the other two persons to be appointed as aforesaid. It will be placed in the hands of someone trustworthy and capable, to be chosen by said Bishop Anthony and said persons, in a truly safe place. It will be required at the request of the said King, under the mandate of Bishop Anthony and the aforementioned persons, solely for the aforementioned use. Exhorting the archbishops, bishops, abbots, prioresses, and other ecclesiastics of both sexes, both secular and regular, and making a strict injunction to them. We commend them to embrace with eagerness, moved by the inclination of Christian charity, this necessary work, and to carry it out whole heartedly. We do indeed decree that the said subsidy, thus taxed as said, shall be paid, remitted, spent and transmitted; that the archbishops, bishops, abbots, prioresses, all and each of the other persons, chapters, congregations, colleges and universities receiving ecclesiastical fruit throughout Portugal shall be bound and obliged by this contribution pro rata to it, that they shall be constrained and forced by the penalties and censures, both ecclesiastical and financial, left to the discretion of Bishop Anthony, any appeal or other subterfuge of any kind ceasing, that if they attempt to flee by any judge or commissioner and any authority whatsoever, they shall be tried and arrested, all power and authority to judge and