Papal Bull, Pope Urban VIII

16 interpret having been taken away from any person, that it would be futile and inane to otherwise attempt to do so by any authority, informed or uninformed. Therefore, to our venerable brethren, the Archbishop of Braga and the Bishop of Coimbra, to our dear son the Inquisitor General against the depravity of heretics in the said kingdom, delegated by apostolic authority, in so far as they or two or any of them, of his authority or with that of the others, they will solemnly publish these letters and their contents, in the place and time necessary, when and whenever they are requested by the said King Philip or Bishop Anthony and the persons to be appointed, and that they will assist from the refuge of effective authority the decisions contained in these letters, we commend them to observe firmly, by our authority, these letters and the decisions contained therein, and to cause all concerned to obey and submit to obedience; As for the contradictors, whoever they may be, and the rebels, let them make them obey by the judgments, censures and punishments, both ecclesiastical and financial, imposed, moderated and applied according to their own will, retaining the appeals lodged, appealing even if need be, to the secular arm. Notwithstanding the delay of one day of our predecessor in good memory, Boniface VIII, and that of two days of the General Council, provided that no one is put on trial after three days by virtue of the authority hereof. And notwithstanding the other constitutions and ordinances, of the Pope and of the churches, monasteries, orders and