Papal Bull, Pope Urban VIII

17 other regular places mentioned above ,even if confirmed by oath, apostolic authorization, or any other confirmation, statutes and customs, establishments, usages, habits and immunities, both thosementioned and others, notwithstanding the exemptions granted by us, privileges, indults, apostolic letters for churches, monasteries, congregations, colleges, universities, orders, and for all the aforementioned superiors and persons, in whatever form and content, with any derogation whatsoever, notwithstanding any other effective and unpublished clauses, notwithstanding suspensive or other decrees entailing contractual force, in general or in particular, at the request of emperors and kings, or otherwise granted, confirmed, approved and renewed that would be contrary to them in any way. We depart from this only on this point, especially and expressly, even if there were a special, specified, expressed and inseparable , but not general clauses of equal importance , mention of these letters or of their content, or if there were other forms sought for this purpose, according to the present content, and even if these letters were inserted word for word, considering the present sufficiently explicit, and the preceding ones retaining their force for the rest. And we declare that sufficient exception must be made, so that no superior immunity or other exemption, however valid the motivation and the remarks, will be favored against the content of the present document. And - it is the same - if there were an insult from the