Papal Bull, Pope Urban VIII

18 Apostolic(1) Seat for anyone ,in general or in particular, by which he could not be compelled to pay a subsidy of this kind, nor forbidden, suspended or excommunicated without apostolic letters making full and complete mention, word for word, of such an indult and of the persons, places, order and even proper names. And we forbid anyone to support , only in so far as they oppose it , any other privilege, indulgence, general or special apostolic letter, whatever its content ,a favor by means of which, not expressed or fully inserted herein, the effect may be prevented or delayed in any way; letters and contents which should be mentioned in our letters. Secondly, we want, which will be difficult, that these letters be sent to every place where it will be sent. By our apostolic authority we decide that these letters, once transcribed from these presents, undersigned by the hand of a notary public, bearing the seal of the said Bishop Anthony or other person constituted in ecclesiastical dignity, if they were shown in public, should be faith in justice and elsewhere, in everything and for everything, as these presents. Given in Rome, at Santa Maria McGwire, under the seal of the Fisherman, on June 22, 1623, the third year of our pontificate. But it was then explained to us on the part of the said King 1- The Apostolic Seat: The chair of Pope.