Papal Bull, Pope Urban VIII

19 Philip that the entire clergy of the said kingdom of Portugal was not in the habit of meeting, and that if the said clergy were summoned for the appointment of the bishop or prelate to the effect expressed in the letters inserted above, not only would this delay the effect of the grace granted by our predecessor Gregory, as stated above, to the greatest detriment of the said pious work, but also the expenses involved would entail the heaviest expenditure. This is why, inflected by the supplications humbly made in the name of the said King Philip, we commission the said BishopAnthony, and the collector then in office, by our letters sent in the same brief form last February 10. We commend them to set a period of ten days for our venerable brother theArchbishop of Lisbon and our dear sons the clergy of Lisbon, during which time the Archbishop and the aforementioned clergy shall appoint a bishop or prelate, to the effect expressed in the letters inserted above, in the name of all the clergy of the said kingdom. The time having elapsed, if such an appointment has not been made by the Archbishop and clergy aforesaid, we concede and grant by our apostolic authority, to the same Bishop Anthony and to the Collector then in office, to be able to appoint a bishop or prelate, or another invested with ecclesiastical dignity in any cathedral, doctor of laws or licentiate in a public academy, to do what has been said. We grant them, with respectively the one appointed in either case, and the one appointed by King Philip, to be able to proceed in any way to the execution